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Celebrate Lunar New Year with a Match Offer + Free Curriculum from Panda Express

Celebrate Lunar New Year authentically with support from Panda Express


When classrooms celebrate world cultures as part of an affirming and expansive learning environment for students, young children are more able to develop a positive sense of identity and build self-esteem

Lunar New Year is one of the world's biggest festivals centered around good fortune, lucky foods, and a sense of togetherness, falling on January 22, 2023. Celebrated by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide, the community-oriented holiday provides a great opportunity for teachers looking to bring other cultures into the classroom. We’re excited to partner with Panda Express, the largest family-owned and operated Asian dining concept in the U.S., for our first-ever Lunar New Year partnership, doubling donations to related projects and sharing a free Lunar New Year curriculum.

Starting today, December 13, Panda invites you to create a project to help students learn about and celebrate Lunar New Year for doubled donations.

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Panda Express’ Let’s Explore! Lunar New Year Curriculum

In addition to doubling donations, Panda Express is sharing its “Let’s Explore!: Lunar New Year” program, a free resource for educators who want to curate an authentic celebration for students with comfort and ease. 

The curriculum includes eight interactive activities that explore the history and rich traditions of Lunar New Year, like the meaning behind popular foods eaten during the 15-day long celebration, the symbolism of lucky red envelopes and red lanterns, and more. 

In addition to the digital resource, you’ll be sent a physical activity booklet that includes matching games, coloring templates, trivia, and step-by-step directions on how to make a Chinese Lantern and more, while supplies last. We encourage you to sign up for this interactive curriculum! 

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Lunar New Year Project Inspiration

Looking for inspiration to take your classroom celebration to the next level? We want to share a few of our favorite Lunar New Year projects from DonorsChoose teachers!

Ms. Dong teaches high school in Brooklyn and works with mainly students of Chinese heritage — both new immigrants and Chinese-Americans. She requested costumes and sound equipment so that her students could put on their long-rehearsed Lunar New Year show. 

“My students are practicing with joy as they proudly reveal their identities and discover the connection with other cultures.”

Ms. Macrina requested bamboo brushes and rice paper so students could explore and practice authentic Chinese calligraphy painting in celebration of the Lunar New Year. 

“Today we practiced different characters in pencil but we would like to use bamboo brushes to get a more authentic experience! The students have been very excited about this subject and I look forward to seeing their creations.”

Mrs. Li teaches Mandarin to a diverse group of students and helps her class celebrate Chinese culture year-round. To celebrate holidays like the Lunar New Year and Mid-autumn Festival, she requested art supplies for her students to create with.

“With those art supplies, my students will be able to have more tools to demonstrate their achievement in learning the Chinese language and cultures. It is important to help students connect their activity or cultural identity with cultural significance.”

We hope you’ll join us in deepening cultural education for today’s youth and acknowledging the cultural significance of one of the world’s most celebrated holidays! Create your project.

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