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Mustaches for Kids: Having Fun While Raising Pledges for Public Education!


As you probably already know (doesn't everyone?), Mustaches for Kids is off and running. Young men around the country are growing Mustaches for four weeks, while collecting pledges for public education.Growing a Mustache can be a lonely endeavor, filled with moments of self-doubt. Most chapters of Mustaches for Kids gather each week at “Checkpoints.” By providing a venue for Growers to interact, Checkpoints play a crucial role in strengthening the hairy bonds that hold the “Growers” together. They are also used to highlight Growers who are excelling in fundraising.The Checkpoints can be as simple as gathering to compare ‘staches. Or checkpoints can take on a life of their own, with Mustache-specific competitions. Last week, the Growers in Charlotte, NC, took a night off of fundraising, and spent some time drawing self-portraits of their handsome Mustaches. Here are a few to make you smile, with links to their Giving Pages:

Brian “Maverick” Paull




Chris “Murray the Mustache” Doll


picture 2


Michael “My Third Brow” Szarowicz


picture 3


Aaron “Fuzzy Lumpins” George


picture 4


Philippe “Tweety” Bouyer


picture 5

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