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NASSP: Getting More With Crowdfunding


“Having DonorsChoose is like having a genie in a bottle!” [Teacher Kimberly Huchel] says. “I have been able to create several projects ranging from $500 up to $1,500 that have been fully funded so far for my life-skills classroom, and it was a quick and simple process.” The benefit to her students and classroom has been incredible. She has applied for and received new appliances, chef’s tools, and new dishes for each kitchen. Her students even appreciate the help. “They are eager to send out thank-you notes to the donors who fund our projects,” she says. “There are so many generous people who are willing to help teachers and give our students the best possible chance at learning, and DonorsChoose has been monumental in helping me get what I need for my students.”

Read the full story at NASSP.

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