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NPR All Things Considered: Giving Tuesday Generates Record Number of Charitable Donations


For a few years, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been called #GivingTuesday, hashtag included. This is a day where people donate to organizations and give back, in general. But this year, donation records have skyrocketed. For some, President-elect Trump was their primary motive for giving.AUDIE CORNISH, HOST:There’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and then there’s Giving Tuesday. It’s been a thing since 2012.ARI SHAPIRO, HOST:And it was a really big thing this past Tuesday, raising $168 million. That’s up 44 percent from last year.CORNISH: On Giving Tuesday, people volunteer, raise awareness and donate money to organizations of their choice. They can go large and national.SHAPIRO: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Planned Parenthood.CORNISH: Or small and local.SHAPIRO: The Alaska Botanical Garden in Anchorage, for instance, the Archdiocese of New Orleans or Donors Choose.KATIE BISBEE: It was the most generous day in the history of our organization. So we had over 17,000 citizen donors donate to classroom projects, totaling $1.2 million. And that went to over 3,000 classroom projects across the U.S.CORNISH: Katie Bisbee is the chief marketing officer at Donors Choose. It’s a 16-year-old nonprofit based in New York that helps teachers raise money for school supplies or special projects. It’s been part of the Giving Tuesday since it started.Read or listen to the full interview on NPR All Things Considered.

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