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NY Daily News: Brooklyn teacher creates food pantry at school for students in need


By Rahima Nasa and Ben Chapman

"Her students come from faraway places and their needs are great. But this teacher does her best to make Brooklyn their home.

Khalil Gibran International Academy instructor Carrie Lynch goes the extra mile to help her pupils, many of whom hail from war-torn Yemen...

...She also noticed that when students came back to school after summer vacation, they looked like they had lost a lot of weight and were unkempt.That inspired Lynch to use an online crowd-sourcing platform called DonorsChoose to raise $600 for a food pantry for the school. She also started a garden club, where she and students grow fresh vegetable for families in need.Since then, Lynch has used DonorsChoose to raise money for other necessities — such as winter jackets and eyeglasses."Read the full story on NY Daily News.

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