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Promo Codes 101: Everything you need to know to boost your classroom funding

So you just got a promo code to use on your DonorsChoose project. Now what?


What is a promo code?

When entered during checkout, DonorsChoose promo codes instantly multiply donations. For example, sometimes a promo code unlocks doubled donations (a $20 gift becomes $40). Promo code funding comes from the DonorsChoose community, generous corporate and foundation partners, or superstar individual donors who want to support classrooms.

Keep in mind: 

💬 Promo codes give teachers a great reason to reach out to their communities for support.

⏰ Every promo code expires, so sharing and using a promo code is a time-sensitive thing!

✅ There’s a special spot for donors to enter codes at checkout. (A step-by-step tutorial is available here!)

What makes promo codes so great?

Donors love promo codes because it increases the impact of their gift (bonus money!). Teachers love promo codes because they help fund projects extra fast. Promo codes can be shared widely and make an immediate difference for teachers and students. 

Now that I have one, what do I do with it?

Share it!! Text or email the code to your friends and family, post it on your Instagram, do whatever you do to spread the word. Make sure to send the link to your project, too!

Here’s an easy message to send:

Hi! Right now, anything you can give to my classroom request on DonorsChoose will be matched instantly if you enter promo code [your promo code] at checkout. This code won’t last long so I wanted to make sure you knew about it! Here’s a link to my project: [your project link]! Thank you!

Fundraising for your project can feel overwhelming, but a promo code gives you a great reason to reach out to your supporters. We know from years of promo code experience that donors LOVE watching even their smallest gifts multiply instantly.

If you have a project live, right now keep an eye on your inbox and get ready to share! Promo codes drop throughout the year — you (and your donors!) won’t want to miss the chance for a boost.

Looking for more ways to share your project? Check out this blog post!

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