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5 Minutes to a Funded Project

Use these tips and customizable templates to spread the word about your DonorsChoose project!


We’ve found that teachers who take one of the key 5-minute sharing actions below have a 92% success rate. (Seriously.) So go ahead and get started. Choose one of the 5 minute actions below and your project will be fully funded in no time!

Option A: The Social Savvy Sharer

While your project is live, pick out a few favorite graphics from our collection  — then share on social media. And don’t worry, you can choose the social platform and schedule that works for you. Whether it’s 1 Facebook and 1 TikTok post, Instagram stories, or a couple of solid tweets. Whatever you’re most comfortable with is the way to go!

Feeling extra excited about these graphics? You can create your own custom graphic using the Canva templates below:

4 social media graphics laid out in a scatter formation
Download one of these graphics to use on social media

Option B: The Group Chat Go-Getter

Social media not your thing? Take your project to the group chat instead. You can customize, copy, and paste the message we drafted for you below into a text or an email thread with 3-5 friends. Make sure to personalize your message — and include your project link so your circle can easily support their favorite teacher (you!).

Hi friends! It’s Back-to-school seasn and I want to give my students [robotics kits! new books! markers that actually work!] so I posted a project on DonorsChoose. For today only, all donations are doubled!! I’d be so grateful if you would make a small donation or share this link with others: [your project link]. Thank you a million times from me and my [28 little Einsteins-in-training]!

Option C: The "Easy as 1-2-3"

If you want a way to let your friends, family, and wider network know about your project, consider this option your Back-to-school triumvirate. Complete these three steps together to give your project the momentum it needs:

  1. Send a personalized email to one person who cares about you and your classroom, asking them to chip in if they can. Include your project link!
  2. Post 1x about your project on your favorite social media platform. Include your project link!
  3. Send one group email to celebrate the special day. Did we mention yet to include your project link?

    Not sure who to reach out to? Get some ideas here!

Whichever approach you choose, know that your 5 minutes will be well spent in sharing out the awesome work you and your students are doing. And remember, a warm hello, your project link, and a giant thank you goes a long way!

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