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This GivingTuesday: 5 Minutes to a Funded Project

Use these tips and customizable templates to spread the word about your DonorsChoose project this GivingTuesday!


Haven’t submitted your project for GivingTuesday funding yet? Submit by 11/21 so it’s live in time for doubled donations on November 29!

On GivingTuesday (November 29), every donation to teacher projects on DonorsChoose will be doubled! Whatever you’re dreaming up for your students, this is your chance to make it happen twice as easily. On Tuesday, November 29, every time a donor makes a contribution of any amount to your project, we will double it instantly. No promo code, secret link, or magic password required.

The best way to take advantage of this special funding opportunity? Make sure your community knows about the awesome work you and your students do by sharing your project link! Teachers who take one of the key 5-minute sharing actions below have a 92% success rate on GivingTuesday. (Seriously.) To lend a hand, our DonorsChoose team designed some resources to make sharing your project super simple, so the only question left is: 

Which 5-minute action will you choose on Tuesday?

Option A: The 5-Minute Social Spree

On Tuesday morning, pick your favorite graphics from our collection and share at least twice on social media. You can mix & match your favorite platforms (i.e. 1 Facebook post + 1 TikTok), do a morning and evening post on the same platform, or post and re-share your own content (Insta feed + Insta story!). Wherever you tweet, post, snap, or share, make sure you include a link to your project!

Feeling extra excited about these graphics? You can create your own custom graphic using the Canva templates below:

4 social media graphics laid out in a scatter formation
Download one of these graphics to use on social media

Option B: The 5-Minute Text Blast

On Tuesday, customize, copy, and paste the text below (with your project link!) into a group text chat with 3-5 friends or in an email to at least 3-5 people. Wherever you send it — your starred group chat, that DM thread with your funniest friends, your family email chain — make it super personal to their favorite teacher (you!).

Hi friends! It’s GivingTuesday and I want to give my students [robotics kits! new books! markers that actually work!] so I posted a project on DonorsChoose. For today only, all donations are doubled!! I’d be so grateful if you would make a small donation or share this link with others: [your project link]. Thank you a million times from me and my [28 little Einsteins-in-training]!

Option C: The 1-2-3

This one is a way to let friends and family and your wider network know about your project and  the big match day. Complete these three steps together to give your project the momentum it needs:

  1. Send a personalized email to one person who cares about you and your classroom, asking them to chip in if they can. Include your project link!
  2. Post 1x about your project on your favorite social media platform. Include your project link!
  3. Send one group email to folks you know, asking them to help you spread the word about your project while there are doubled donations. Include your project link! 

    Not sure who to reach out to? Get some ideas here!

Whichever approach you choose, know that these 5 minutes are well spent: A warm hello, your project link, and a giant thank you goes a long way!

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