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Pushups For Projects


How are your triceps feeling? Our friends at 99designs, the fastest growing graphic design marketplace, have chosen to flex their muscles on DonorsChoose.org’s behalf. They’ll be facing off against four other startups to try to secure funds for charities in the first ever Pushup Charity challenge!

The organizations will compete relay-style to see which startup first reaches 100 pushups. Each company must raise at least $2,500 for their selected charity, and the money will be pooled. The winning team will receive 60% of it to donate to its charity, and each other team will get 10%. So, at the end of the day, there are no losers – all of these worthy organizations will benefit!We have a few ways you can get involved without breaking a sweat:

  • If you're in San Francisco, come check out the contest this Thursday! Tickets are $10 (available here: http://pushupcharity.org/)
  • If you’re not in San Fran, but still want to see the team in action, check out their video.
  • Help 99design reach their $2,500 goal by donating here. They're generously matching all donations!

Best of luck to our buff pals at 99designs! We’ll be rooting for you Thursday!

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