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Ready, Set, GROW!


DonorsChoose.org is thrilled to be joining our favorite design gurus, the awesome Apartment Therapy team, for the month-long Ready, Set, GROW! campaign. Apartment Therapy understands the importance of making the most of your space – both indoors and out! To celebrate spring, they’re rallying their readers to support gardening projects all over the country during the month of April.Studies show a school garden has the following effects on students:

  • Significantly increases science achievement scores.
  • Improves social skills and behavior.
  • Improves environmental attitudes, especially in younger students.
  • Improves life skills, including working with groups and self-understanding.
  • Increases interest in eating fruits and vegetables and improve attitude toward fruits and vegetables.
  • Has a positive impact on achievement and behavior.

In addition to these benefits, students are getting real-world experience outside the classroom and improving the world around them.Support a gardening project today, and tell students across the country that you’re eager to watch them grow!

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