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reddit book exchange


Our pals at reddit are in the middle of an amazing campaign we love: a book exchange! Participants sign up online and are matched with a fellow bookworm. Each participant can list tips in their profile about what sorts of books they like and don't like, and voila! Soon a new book arrives in the mail from their "Secret Santa".

This year, redditors are giving back to public schools, too. In addition to sleuthing online to find the perfect book for their match, redditgifts has set up a DonorsChoose.org leaderboard. It's full of book projects for schools in need. Cast your vote for your favorite genre by donating to book projects focusing on science fiction, history, graphic novels, and more. The awesome reddit community has already donated over $28,000 to book projects!You can sign up through March 4th, and who knows? Maybe you'll be matched with Tim Ferris of The Four Hour Work Week!From all of us at DonorsChoose.org, thank you redditors!

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