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The Supplies 2nd Grade Teachers Need for Remote Learning

Here are the top five materials 2nd grade teachers are requesting on DonorsChoose


Teaching 2nd grade from home? Trying classroom management both in-person and online? Broadcasting circle time from an empty classroom? Those aren’t the punchline of a really bad joke — it’s the reality that so many teachers are facing. 

Transitioning your class to a new (unprecedented) school year is tricky enough; we want to make sure you are empowered with the tools you need to bring learning to life. 

Here are the top five materials 2nd grade teachers are requesting on DonorsChoose, the classroom funding site for teachers. These materials will help make online teaching and learning a snap (or at least as easy as it possibly can be)! And the best part? These supplies can be used when you’re back in the classroom too!

Get supplies for 2nd Graders

Basic supplies

Whether in the classroom or remote, your students need the basics to do their best learning. Having materials like pre-sharpened pencils, glue sticks, and scissors for each student cuts down on germs and contact.

“I’m going to ask for individual supplies for the students. They can be used to make at-home learning kits or individual supply bags for the classroom. You can NEVER have too many supplies!” –Mrs. Kilgore 


Kinder teachers across the country are stocking up on books this year for classroom library shelves or creating book bundles to send home with their students. Some of the most popular titles include The Day You Begin, Our Class is a Family, and I Am Enough. If you have a special read-aloud planned, consider requesting a class set of books. When each child has a copy of the book, they can track the words as you read, scan the illustrations, and turn the pages with you. 

Hands-on Learning Tools

Engaging students in learning using hands-on materials like LEGOs, Brain Flakes, or sensory beads, and is a great way to make learning come alive through the screen. Pro tip for hybrid teaching: Have a plan in place for students to take home hands-on learning materials in pencil cases or kits.

Flexible Seating

In past years teachers have requested flexible seating in their classrooms to give students an alternate option that helps them focus, experiment, and find what works best for them. This year, teachers who are in the classroom some days are keeping safety and cleanliness are top of mind, prompting teachers to request materials like wobble stools and yoga mats to create individual learning spaces. If you’re teaching from home but have an especially wiggly learner, you can send a special seat their way!

Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Cards

Access to the digital resources you need for your students is key for online, in-person, or hybrid learning. With the freedom of a TeachersPayTeacher gift card, you can request the worksheets, lesson plan outlines, and templates that you need. 

Teaching 2nd grade this fall is a challenge you shouldn’t have to face alone. We’re here to help you get the learning materials you need — no matter where you’re bringing learning to life! 

Get supplies for 2nd Graders

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