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The Supplies Pre-k Teachers Need for Remote Learning


As the school year begins, COVID-19 means that “back-to-school” means something different for every Pre-K teacher. When we surveyed teachers, only 8% were confident they’d be spending the year entirely in the classroom; everyone else was getting ready for distance learning, blended learning, hybrid learning, remote learning, online learning — whatever you call it, it’s a new experience and a new challenge for teachers. 

That challenge is even bigger for teachers working with our littlest learners: How do you get a group of 4 year olds to pay attention to a video call? How do you make sure they have supplies at home to participate in group activities? 

Thousands of Pre-K teachers across the country are using DonorsChoose this back-to-school season to get supplies for their students for school and home. Here’s what other Pre-K teachers are asking for right now to help their students during distance  learning. And if you’re working in a blended or hybrid environment, these supplies will come in handy in the classroom too.

Get supplies for Pre-K

Pre-K Teachers Need Basic Supplies

Basic supplies are the foundation of a great learning experience, whether you’re in the classroom or teaching remotely. We’ve seen teachers pack these up into kits to send out to their students while they are learning from home. What basic supplies do pre-K teachers need for remote learning? Here are the top six:

  • Cardstock
  • Glue sticks
  • Markers
  • Kids scissors
  • Pencils

Keeping Pre-K Students at Play

Pre-K teachers tell us again and again: Play is essential for this age group. Whether you’re trying to encourage parallel play over video chat or solitary play between lessons, kids need educational toys at home. Here are the top three teachers are asking for this year:

  • Alphabet Robots
  • Sensory Toys
  • Puppets

Books to Read Aloud for Pre-K

Your kiddos might not be reading on their own quite yet, making read-aloud time even more valuable! Whether you’re in the classroom or reading over video chat, here are the most popular books for Pre-K students right now: 

  • The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson
  • I Am Enough by Grace Beyers
  • All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold
  • Lucy’s Mask by Lisa Sirkis Thompson

Pre-K Worksheets, Planners, and More!

There’s one thing you can request on DonorsChoose that covers your needs for remote learning worksheets, distance learning lesson plans, and much more — a Teachers Pay Teachers gift card! As you tailor your Pre-K lessons for remote learning, these tools will come in handy this year.

Get supplies for Pre-K

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