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Celebrating 5 Years of Impactful Partnership: DonorsChoose & Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Empower STEM Education

$8.5 million in Samsung tech and classroom supplies delivered to public schools


DonorsChoose and Samsung Electronics America mark a significant milestone this year as we celebrate our fifth anniversary of collaboration. With a shared commitment to advancing STEM education, the partnership has successfully delivered $8.5 million worth of Samsung technology and classroom supplies to nearly 500 public schools across the U.S. participating in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competitions.

Fostering Innovation in STEM Education

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is an innovation driver. By way of a national competition, public school students in grades 6-12 to are challenged to develop creative approaches to solving issues in their local communities through science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The program engages students in active, hands-on learning applied to real-world problems — making STEM more tangible and showcasing its value beyond the classroom. By participating in the program, students find their voice and pioneer positive social change.

Each year for the last five years, DonorsChoose has supported Samsung Solve for Tomorrow with white glove fulfillment of millions of dollars’ worth of prize packages won in the annual STEM competition. As Alix Guerrier, CEO of DonorsChoose, highlights, “Our job as an organization and as a broader society is to make teachers' work sustainable, and Solve for Tomorrow provides exactly the kind of support teachers need to broaden student participation in STEM.”

Transforming Classrooms with Technology

Through the Solve for Tomorrow competition, schools have been able to enhance their classrooms with cutting-edge technology. Samsung technology and supplies have allowed schools to establish engineering and design labs, provide access to the latest educational resources, offer coding and robotics programs, and more.

The 2022-2023 Solve for Tomorrow competition showcased exceptional student-led projects tackling community challenges by proposing STEM solutions like low-cost assistive technology for people with mobility challenges, gear that prevents heat-related illnesses in sports, and a noninvasive beehive monitoring system to battle the pollinator collapse. National Winners Brandywine High School (Wilmington, DE), Strawberry Crest High School (Dover, FL), and Porter High School (Porter, TX) received technology prize packages worth $100,000 each.

Bloomington High School South (Bloomington, IN) and Richmond Hill Middle School (Richmond, GA) were honored with additional awards for their innovative approaches to reduce temperatures in urban “heat islands” and to stop night terrors for PTSD sufferers. These recognitions highlight the impactful contributions of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition in driving STEM education forward.

Expanding Reach and Impact

By investing in the next generation of innovators, Samsung and DonorsChoose are laying the foundation for a brighter future. The enduring partnership has brought about tremendous progress in STEM education over the past five years. Through this unique collaboration, we have empowered teachers, inspired students, and transformed classrooms across America. As the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition continues to flourish, the impact on STEM education and the broader community will undoubtedly grow.

Learn more about our partnership with Samsung Solve for Tomorrow. If you’re a public middle or high school educator that wants to participate in the 2023–2024 Solve for Tomorrow STEM competition, visit www.samsung.com/solve. Entries for the 14th annual competition are open now through Friday, October 27, 2023.

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