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Summer Projects


"It's been a long, cold, lonely winter, it feels like years since it's been here, here comes the sun..." -Here Comes the Sun, The BeatlesSummer is FINALLY here... Time to grab a book, put on your favorite shades, and enjoy the great outdoors with your kids! Here is a great summer project courtesy of Disney's Family Fun Page to pass the summer days with creativity."The Keepsake Aquarium"

Materials:-Large glass fishbowl-Family beach-day photo-Clear Tape-Sand, enough to fill the fishbowl about halfway-Pebbles, shells, driftwood, dried seaweed, sea glass, and other beach treasures-Small nautical image cut from a postcard or calendar-Wooden skewerInstructions:1. Tape the family photo to the inside of the fishbowl, being sure to tape along all the edges to help keep out the sand.2. Fill the fishbowl about halfway with sand, enough to reach above the photo.3. Spread pebbles on the sand, then place shells, driftwood, and other beach treasures where you like.4. Cut out a small nautical image from a postcard or calendar. tape a wooden skewer to the back and push the skewer into the sand.Here's a tip: Showcase your creativity on the dining room table and use your Keepsake Aquarium as a centerpiece!

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