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Teachers Review Flocabulary

Over 400 teachers reviewed Flocabulary. Learn from their feedback and find out if it’s right for you and your classroom.


Although words such as “remote learning” and “distance learning” have dominated our conversations this school year, the heart of every classroom is still the connection between a teacher and their students. With the right tools and resources, that connection can remain infinitely stronger than the wifi networks powering your virtual classroom.

Over 400 teachers from the DonorsChoose community shared their feedback and tips for the most popular programs enabling their students to learn from home. Here’s what teachers across the country had to say about Flocabulary:

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What is Flocabulary?

“Flocabulary is a platform that creates R&B/Hip-Hop songs that relate to tons of different concepts across all content areas. They are catchy and my students love to hear the songs that go along with each concept we learn.” - Mr. French, 2nd and 3rd grade

Is Flocabulary a good fit for my classroom?

Flocabulary has content available for all grade levels in a wide variety of subjects, but teachers mostly recommend it for grades two and up. From 3rd grade math to 10th grade English, teachers found creative ways to use Flocabulary in the classroom.

“This tool incorporates hip hop songs to teach about sooo many content area subjects across all areas. There are so many videos for my specific subject area too. I love the fact that I can use music to teach; this is a way to teach students with different learning styles. Flocabulary also has a variety of resources that correlate with the videos including vocabulary words, activities, reading passages, quizzes,  This is probably my favorite of the tech tools I have tried. - Cathy Allen, K-6 Library Media

What do teachers think of Flocabulary?

“Whether you're teaching elementary or high school, Flocabulary has content related to your subject in the form of videos, songs, and activities.” — Mrs. Fields, 5th grade ELA

“The songs are great and get the students drawn in. Plus you'll be singing all day as well.” - Mr. French, 2nd and 3rd grade 

Will my students like Flocabulary?

We think so! Mrs. Fields (5th grade ELA) had one student say it was “the most fun I've ever had learning!"

“We were learning multiplication facts using the songs from Flocabulary. We were taking a facts quiz and my student was singing the song to remember the facts. He was so proud when he passed the test!” - Mrs. Knight, 5th grade math and science

“My 5th graders love the water cycle video; they all aced the unit test, singing it under their breath while testing.” - Ms. Bright, K-5 Special Education

Flocabulary Tips and Tricks

“If you upload your class, you can assign individual videos to students that need it. There are also online activities that support learning.” - Ms. Prue, 3rd grade

“It is best to actually do a walk through with students the first time so they understand all the components and know what is expected of them.” - Mrs. Fields, 5th grade ELA

Flocabulary Cost and Subscriptions

Teachers, you can get a Flocabulary subscription without having to reach into your own pocket. Flocabulary is available on DonorsChoose through our vendor AKJ Education. Get started on a project today.

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You know what your students need, especially during this time of remote learning. The DonorsChoose community is here to help you get it. 3 out of 4 schools in the U.S. have a public school teacher who’s used DonorsChoose - that’s over 1.8 million classroom project requests funded. Yours could be next. Start your project today.

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