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Tomato Nation: Red Ops


Sarah Bunting of Tomato Nation is one of our biggest advocates. In the last handful of years she has rallied her Tomato Nation troops to donate over $840,000 to projects for DonorsChoose.org students and teachers! This year's campaign is Red Ops,targeting high need communities one day at at time.

So far the Red Ops team has let loose its philanthropic army on the following areas: Albuquerque, New Mexico; Browsville, Texas; Buffalo, New York; Camden, New Jersey; Columbia, South Carolina; The Dakotas; and Detroit, Michigan.

Today's target is Joplin, Missouri. Check out the Red Ops Giving Page and spread the word! Help Tomato Nation deliver backpacks, paintbrushes, and tambourines, and show Joplin you care.

Thank you Sarah, for all that you do for students every day!

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