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Top 3 Grammar Games


For kids, learning grammar is almost as dreadful as their next dentist appointment. But like my mother always says, "grammar never goes on vacation." We wanted share 3 grammar games that will get your students excited about learning grammar this school year!1.) Action-Verb TossThis is a great way to get students out of their chairs and into action! To practice conjugating irregular verbs, have your students arrange themselves into a circle and using a small ball or bean bag, toss the ball to a student while saying the present tense of a verb. Then, have that student toss the ball to another student while reciting that verb in past tense. He/she then tosses it to back to you, and you choose the next student to lead. If a student makes a mistake, they will leave the circle, and the one who is left standing wins! Reciting these irregular verbs out loud will help with memory recall, as well as keep students active.2.) Grammar TreesA seemingly simple, yet interactive and stimulating exercise. Students can work in pairs and diagram sentences of their choice on whiteboards. When they are finished, they can decorate their grammar trees with colored dry-erase markers and present their art work to the rest of the class. This is a great way to facilitate artistic creativity and take on grammar with glamor!3.) Online GamesAn excellent way to utilize online-technology in the classroom. Use interactive web games like Noun Dunk and Grammar Gorillas which range from activities in basic punctuation and grammar concepts, to SAT and GRE vocabulary words. These games will exercise your students' minds and ultimately help them speak with greater impact.(source)Tell us some of your favorite Grammar Games!

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