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VentureBeat: Here are at least 12 ways to give back this season


It’s once again Giving Tuesday, a day that encourages you to give back to those less fortunate. You had Thanksgiving and Black Friday to splurge on yourself and your loved ones, but now it’s time to think about those with fewer means. If you’re looking for a good place to start, let us offer up some suggestions....


DonorsChoose is diving into Giving Tuesday for the first time ever with a philanthropic giveaway. When a classroom receives a donation, both the donor and the associated teacher will be entered into a drawing to receive one of 100 gift cards worth $5,000 that can be used to support additional classroom projects. This “golden ticket of generosity,” as termed by DonorsChoose founder Charles Best, is designed to gauge how people will respond to “the potential opportunity to give at a level that may be beyond the charity budgets for most people.”Read the full story on VentureBeat.

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