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A Guide to Funding Opportunities on DonorsChoose

One of the keys to DonorsChoose success is mastering these partner funding opportunities.


It’s no secret that DonorsChoose puts your classroom wishlist on the radar of millions of potential donors, giving anyone the opportunity to be your classroom supporter.  But did you know we also partner with corporations and foundations throughout the year to help you fund your projects (to the tune of $62 million dollars last year alone!)? One of the keys to DonorsChoose success is mastering these partner funding opportunities.

When you know what funding opportunities are available to you, you’re able to get your ideas front-and-center for our partners—who are some of our most generous donors.  Every year, our team launches exciting campaigns with our partners that can get resources into your classroom at a fraction of their cost.  That means you can focus on connecting your project to your community, and we’ll take the reins on stretching every dollar you raise.

Read on for information, tips and tricks, and expert advice on how to make the most of the two types of partner funding opportunities on DonorsChoose.

Match Offers

A match offer is a way for a corporation or a foundation to match individual donations for projects that meet certain criteria. Your donors can see their donations go further to help you bring your project to life.  Depending on the direction from our partners, matches can range from a 50% boost ($1 match for every $2 a donor gives) to a 10X match! This is the most common funding opportunity available. Match offers can be based on the subject area of a project, a specific geographic location, or the items requested in the project. You can find more details about how matches work here

Move fast.

Match offers only last while funds remain, so move quickly to post a qualifying project or fundraise. You can find match offers and all current funding opportunities here.

Get Inspired.

When you learn of a new funding opportunity, check out projects by teachers who already have the match. This is a great way to inspire new ideas for your own classroom.

Read the details.

Before posting a project to qualify for a specific match offer, read the details to make sure you meet all eligibility criteria.

Let supporters know.

Once your project has a match, make sure to mention it to potential supporters. Folks love to know that their donation will be multiplied and have an even bigger impact.

Expert teacher Ellen Peterson has used match offers to fund over 170 projects on our site, and says “People want to get the most bang for their bucks and matches make that happen.”

Classroom Rewards

A Classroom Rewards opportunity is a way for our partners to engage teachers and students with online education resources, and in return, teachers who participate can receive a DonorsChoose gift card reward.  For example, you might be able to unlock a reward by having a group of students complete an online tutorial on coding or financial literacy. 

Classroom Rewards do not require creating a project, but rather using a resource outside of DonorsChoose with your students. You can find out more details about how classroom rewards work here.

Check frequently.

Classroom reward opportunities tend to have a set number of teachers who can participate, so watch for these opportunities. You can find classroom rewards and all current funding opportunities here.

Make the most of flex time.

When classroom reward opportunities involve students completing an activity online, using flex time in your classroom is an expert move.

Through match offers, classroom rewards, and other funding opportunities, we’re here to help you get the support you need to bring your project to life. To stay in the know about all funding opportunities, bookmark this page of the latest funding opportunities, be on the lookout for our monthly Teacher Essentials email newsletter, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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