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The supplies high school teachers need for remote learning

Three things every high school teacher needs for the school year ahead, for both online and a hybrid model learning,


You know exactly how you usually stock up your high school classroom for the school year. But how do you know what materials you need when your students are learning from home?

Here’s the three things every high school teacher needs for the school year ahead, whether your school district is calling it remote learning, distance learning, or online learning (or even if you’re teaching in a hybrid learning model right now).

Get supplies for High Schoolers

Tech that helps your students follow along.

You’re constantly annotating, diagramming, and capturing notes for your students to follow along—and now that you’re not in front of your students all day, a chalkboard or projector won’t do the trick. 

High school teachers are picking up a few different solutions: some folks adore using an iPad and stylus—the Apple Pencil is popular—instead, and still other folks just like old-fashioned chart paper and markers that you can mark up in front of the camera. 

A care package for every student (with supplies and something fun inside).

Just because you’re not hearing “Can I borrow a pencil?” all day doesn’t mean you don’t have students who aren’t sitting at home without one. High school teachers are creating at-home learning kits for every student. The trending items: a notebook, pack of mechanical pencils, a set of highlighters, and some healthy snacks (NutriGrain bars and trail mix are in the lead), all alongside any other basics for your class.

Not to be forgotten: high school teachers are adding in something fun and personal, whether it’s a card for the student and their family welcoming them to the school year, or a set of low-cost themed supplies specific to your class. (As small as it feels, a globe-themed eraser or math joke magnet acts as an in-person reminder of your class when they sign off every day.)

Subscription to resources that will last all year long.

Teachers have been requesting digital resources to help bring distance learning to life for their students. Access to both physical and digital supplies make it easy for students to learn together, while learning and staying up-to-date with the world around them.

teachers are keeping it all digital with subscriptions to Nearpod Platinum, an online resource that helps you turn every presentation interactive with mini-quizzes and activities throughout (and even has virtual field trip options). 

You can check out both of those, plus a whole lot of other subscriptions, at DonorsChoose vendor AKJ Education.

The top reads high school teachers are getting right now

Just Mercy, by Bryan Stevenson

Clap When You Land, by Elizabeth Acevedo

Internment, by Samira Ahmed

Dear Martin, by Nic Stone

Children of Blood and Bone, by Tomi Adeyemi

One of Us Is Lying, by Karen M. McManus

Get supplies for High Schoolers

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