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Setting Teachers Up for Tech Success through Device Licensing

We help teachers get the devices licenses necessary for centralized device management.


Integrating technology into the classroom is a key part of giving students a 21st century education. Classroom tech can help students develop digital literacy early, explore computer science and coding, and provide opportunities for individualized learning. Bringing such tech devices into the classroom requires close collaboration between teachers and district leaders. In addition to empowering district leaders to submit their district’s technology guidelines so that we can help teachers request the right resources, DonorsChoose has implemented additional processes to help teachers get the device licenses they need for centralized device management.

Device Enrollment Programs

Many school districts manage technology through a centralized device management program, like Google Chrome Management or Apple School Manager. These programs allow for the following to be managed easily by district technology leaders:

  • Deployment of apps
  • Security permissions
  • Running updates
  • Troubleshooting issues

At DonorsChoose, we recognize the importance of such centralized device management, and the challenges that arise when teachers gain tech devices outside traditional district procurement. Our materials ownership policy states that resources received through DonorsChoose are owned by the school, and ensuring devices can be enrolled in centralized device management systems is a key way we support that policy.

We’ve taken steps over the past year to make sure sure teachers know how to request technology that will arrive ready to be set up and implemented quickly once it arrives at their school.

Apple Products

Because Apple devices requested through DonorsChoose are purchased through an authorized Apple reseller (Best Buy Education), 100% of Apple devices received through DonorsChoose can be enrolled in Apple School Manager or Device Enrollment Program. Read more about how you can work with your teachers to set up Apple devices through these centralized management programs.


Chromebooks available through DonorsChoose are automatically bundled with a Google Chrome Management License. Teachers can request these bundles through Best Buy Education or CDW-G. When Chromebooks ship, our vendors either directly add the licenses to the district’s domain, or ask the requesting teacher for the domain name to complete this step. Read more about how teachers work with our vendors to activate these licenses.

Helping Teachers and District Tech Leaders Work Together

To bridge the gap between teachers and district tech leaders, we send communications to both teachers and district leaders when technology is arriving. Principals receive a fax with details on the specific technology that’s on its way, and teachers receive an email with instructions for enrolling their device.

We’re excited to work with your district to make sure your teachers and students are set up for tech success. Submit your technology guidelines or contact districts@donorschoose.org to talk more about how we can support your district’s tech needs.

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